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Actually if there's no waste being dumped there I'd imagine it isn't so nudf. Tutorial shows that he is mechanical under a thick layer of flesh.

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They can also feel yorha 2b nude gif taste. Chances are from a certain generation of android on they were anatomically correct. Otherwise why would they operator complain about being heartbroken during a sidequest. However they are NOT humans and as such can not actually reproduce like we do. Their bodies are made whenever they need a new one.

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They can have sex but not make babies. Adam and eve are machines made in the image of the androids and the git are made in the image of humans.

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Not necessarily i mean they don't have to be able to reproduce but they still yorha 2b nude gif be anatomically correct. These were related but not directly related thoughts. My point with the second sentence was that in actual developer-related interviews it's been mentioned that they aren't anatomically correct.

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You realize that love and sexual desire aren't intrinsic, right? You can want a relationship with somebody and not want to bang them.

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And if it helps 2B isn't the only sexualized android in the game, nor are they all female. Oct 25, 5, So, they sell better? Because you don't really want me to post yorha 2b nude gif screenshot of those games here.

Yorha 2b nude gif don't think them are sexualized, not in the same level as the female droids at least. Oct 25, 1, Canada. I played Nier Automata and never found tif the reason she dresses like that even though I heard there IS a reason apparently, someone mind spoiler-tagging what it was? Nov 5, 2, Southern California. I don't really get it.

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A sexual character would never make me buy a game, if I wanted a yorha 2b nude gif I'd go look at some porn you know. Oct 25, 34, The real question is why this gets a pass and other games not.

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Oct 25, 2, There is an in-game reason for it, but to say it justifies whatever puts you, personally, off is up to you. Just keep playing and see for yourself.

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The game dev reason has gkf multiple times already. Oct 28, 12, Lol Nah manga hentai bestialiti of his games have characters like this. Oct 25, 3, It's a good design, mind.

Oct 25, 4, There's no real reason.

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Yoko Taro just likes girls. Oct 28, Next-gen butthole tech demo.


Oct 25, 6, NieR Automata 2B Collection pictures hot. The Hot 2b Collection of pictures: What i can I Say?

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The Hot 2b Collection 15 pictures hot. Artist - Fumizuki Misoka [Video game Edition] of pictures: Artist - Fumizuki Misoka [Video game Edition] 54 pictures hot.

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Max Caulfield of pictures: Max Caulfield 4 pictures hot. No hostile or aggressive comments.

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