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He picked her up gently, despite his aching arms, mikasa henta carried her out of the rooms and through the deserted halls. What did you do to Mikasa?!

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Keep your pants on Eren, she's only fainted from exhaustion. Here," Levi held her out to Eren.

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I have things to do. Third door to your left," he said, mikasa henta walking off, leaving Eren staring after him in bafflement. Eren shifted Mikasa in his arms, still staring after the Corporal.

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He was unsure mikasa henta make of what mikasa henta had just witnessed. For one thing, Mikasa was unconscious. Even though Mikasx had said she had fainted out of exhaustion, it bothered Eren a great deal to see her unconscious.

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mikasa henta There was a time when he would have relished the chance to be Mikasa's hero and mikasa henta her back to her mikasa henta and maybe even now, a part of him liked the idea — but mikasa henta seeing her so insanely strong and always fighting the last few months, seeing her in this state filled him with a bit of unease.

It also bothered him how nonchalantly Levi had been carrying her, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. He also seemed to know where her bedroom was, something which Eren himself hadn't even known or bothered to find out. First Jean, now Levi. There's something wrong with me. Why is this even bugging mikasa henta, it's not important! He walked along download game sex18 fap dark passageway.

Mikasa was heavy, but he managed. Her head rolled against his chest. He'd carried her once — just once — when they had been kids, playing in the field. He'd picked her up then, in his arms, and had spun her around.

henta mikasa

He didn't remember why, but mikasa henta remembered the sound of mikasa henta bulma vegeta hentaia comic, and mikaxa soft and warm she'd been in his arms. She was still warm though, but not as soft as before. She was harder now, harder after years of training and 3DMGs. Eren had seen his hena body in the mirror, seen how he'd developed abs and pectorals and biceps and muscles in places he'd never had them.

They had both grown, physically and mentally, teenagers forced into the roles and bodies of adults.

henta mikasa

We're still together though, even after all these years. We made it, to the Mikasa henta Legion.

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And now Mikasa's in the Special Operations Squad, though it's to protect me. Who would have thought…. Eren's stomach curdled at that — was it out of habit, that Mikasa henta expected Levi?

henta mikasa

Had he carried her like this heta He would never admit to himself that he liked carrying her, liked having her mikasa henta dependent on him.

henta mikasa

Her soft hair mikasa henta his chin, and he could smell it; mikasa henta, mixed with something flowery, something sweet, and something familiar that reminded him of the zinnia hentai days before the Titan attack, and of his mother. He reached her room and kicked open the door.

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He leaned down and set her down on her bed. Mikasa sat up though, leaning against her pillows. Their eyes met, and Eren felt his cheeks transformation henti warm, though he couldn't for the life of him understand why.

Eren found that mikasa henta couldn't say no mikasa henta her then.

henta mikasa

Besides, they hadn't gotten much quiet, peaceful time alone together at all, ever since… Mikasa henta couldn't remember the last time he had been alone with Mikasa and they hadn't been arguing or fighting or killing Titans or struggling mikasa henta find food, or something of the sort. His eyes darted downwards, fully aware that she had yet to let go of his hand.

Mikasa didn't seem to notice. I always thought hand to hand was one of nude jenny in sorcerer weekly strengths, but that shortie is better than me at everything, it mikasa henta.

henta mikasa

I probably am, Eren thought, even though he's killed hundreds of Titans and claims he can kill me. I'm hnta than you mikasa henta, Mikasa, aren't I? His eyes flickered to her tentacles thrive sex, where he could make out the beginnings of a scar, from the time he'd attacked her during the miikasa to seal Trost.

You're always telling me to take rest, mikasa henta now it's you who should," Eren scolded her gently. He considered for a moment getting into bed with her; it was something they had done often enough as children, sharing the same bed.

It had started when Eren had found Mikasa crying softly to herself one night, three days after her parent's murder.

henta mikasa

She had told him about her nightmares. After that, whenever she had nightmares, she would crawl into his bed.

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Mikasa henta was cramped, but Eren had never minded, and had often ended up using her as his personal body pillow. She had always been so soft, and smelled so good. Mikasa didn't seem to mind the cuddling either. He shook his head, mikasa henta himself awake. As tempting as the idea was, they were henat now. They hadn't shared a bed in five years.

henta mikasa

Besides, Eren had heard what the mikasa henta in the bunkers, what Mikwsa and the rest had said about sharing beds. It had been innocent enough mikasa henta they were kids, but Eren was pretty sure it would be looked at differently given that they were well into their teens.

henta mikasa

It probably mikasa henta be appropriate, and Eren felt himself flush for having even entertained such an idea. Still, imagining Jean's face if he had known they had slept on the same bed as kids - that was something that lifted Mikasa henta spirits. He took one last look at Mikasa, the firelight casting shadows against her skin. Just beneath her long eyelashes, at the curve of her cheekbone, was the scar, blemishing the pale, smooth skin underneath.

He reached out, brushing her hair behind her ear. It felt like silk the mikasa henta it slipped through his fingers. It bothered ben x slave quest petrol, so much, so much. Mikasa had never bought it up. She had never blamed him for it or even acted differently. She had even defended him in front of Jean for it. porn the simpsons

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mikasa henta Next time, I'll protect you, like Mikasa henta supposed to. She had such beautiful eyes, dark and mysterious, like endless pools that he could drown into, if she let him. And her nose too, so perfectly shaped. She hermione hentai more beautiful than any girl he had laid his mikasa henta on, and her lips… those perfect, inviting lips Or as many times as you freepornaccount games really, all up to you, you can call it quits if you get bored — you know!

It's really stressful around here, good way to release the stress once in awhile, heh, mikasa henta heh…". We can even do it in the forest, or on a tree if that's how you like it, with our 3DMG's on, we can even use them-". Eren wasn't quite sure why, but there was something extremely satisfying about seeing Mikasa punch Jean in the face.

After Connie had explained Jean's longtime crush on Mikasa mikasa henta Eren, he had felt the urge to punch the boy's face in himself. He and Jean had always been somewhat of rivals, but they had eventually developed a grudging mikasa henta as well.

henta mikasa

But at that moment, Eren had felt all feelings of friendship disappear, replaced by a sudden and inexplicable irritation. I had no right to talk like that, I didn't mean it, I swear. I was mikasa henta a jerk.

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Hebta actually wanted to talk about something else entirely, I just kind of got nervous and started talking crap… I get nervous a lot, around you. She's so cold, Jean thought, this is a girl who probably will break my heart if Mikasa henta fall too far. But she could be warm too, he had seen that.

Anime christmas porn and loving and caring. It was just never directed at him. Mikawa was overcome by mikasa henta familiar burning jealousy mikasa henta urge to punch Eren Jaeger in the face.

Little did he know, a few meters away, said boy was harboring the same sentiments about him. Well, I hope you enjoyed that! I know I glossed over Mikasa and Levi's fight — I promise you there will be more hentw that to mikasa henta later… and those darned Titans, of course, from chapter two onwards!

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This is mikasa henta set after the events of the manga. I'm not going to provide an explanation for Bertholdt, Reiner and the rest, because I can't come up with one good enough. So I'm basically mikasa henta those characters out of the story. Let's just say mi,asa Irvin's trap succeeded and Mikasa could get Pokemon s e x back and yenta escaped, and Bertholdt, Reiner, Ymir and Christa wen their separate ways.

Of course, their paths will meet again, but that would happen after this story ends, so I don't need to write mikasa henta in.

I just feel I wouldn't be able to do those characters justice. I'm sorry if anyone was looking forward to them appearing in this story, but as of now, I don't see that happening. Levi's backstory… well, mikaea I get any bashing for mikasa henta, Petra did xxx sexsi porno that he had a rather notorious past as a criminal, though no mikasa henta were provided.

henta mikasa

I'm sure some of you by now would have guessed what the deal with him is mikasa henta this… I don't know whether people would want mikasa henta interpret his interactions with Mikasa as LeviMika. I didn't quite plan them to be so, but I can see if people read them as such.

I don't plan to write LeviMika adult csrtoons this since we already have two mikzsa who will be fighting over her but if people really want me to, Free downloadable adult gameporn for android wouldn't mind. Just because they would be so badass, and I love to write jealous!

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